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A counter-intuitive approach to grow performance as a sales professional (1,5 hours).

What do you do when the pressure is high? Most likely you sacrifice free time, sleep, lunches, exercising, or recreation so you have more time available to generate leads or close deals. However, scientific research shows that this approach undermines your performance.

Reaching a next level in performance often requires adopting a counter-intuitive strategy: engaging in activities completely new to you. We want to introduce you to this concept and show you how sales professionals around the globe at organizations like Microsoft, Google and Facebook boost sales effectiveness.

Top athletes, for example, have long understood this. They train incredibly hard, but take their recovery at least as serious as part of their training. Musicians often have a long list of rituals before they deliver a performance. Surgeons use intentional breathing techniques during surgeries to stay focused. Pilots train themselves to intentionally switch their mindset, so they are at their best in case of an emergency.

Sales professionals at some of the most progressive companies adopt similar techniques that support them improving their sales performance.
HSAprogram invites you to learn how you can use these ideas to improve each stage of your sales process in a new, creative and counter-intuitive way.


You are welcome to attend our 1,5 hour workshop on 25 June at 1500 at Tribes Utrecht Centraal. Please inform us in advance of your attendance by sending an email to or leaving your email address underneath in the box.

For attendance and more information:

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